Michael Kahan Kapelye

The Michael Kahan Kapelye was founded in spring 2011 by Ros Hawley and Richard Fay as an ongoing klezmer ensemble at the University of Manchester forming part of the department’s world music provision. This initiative has been supported by both the Music Department itself and by the Jewish Music Institute at SOAS in London.

In September 2011, the ensemble moved from being a voluntary activity to being an assessed option within the Ensemble Performance module leading to the ensemble being formally assessed for the first time in March 2012. In September 2012, it became a separate option within the Ensemble Performance module and can be said to have ‘come of age’ as a result.

The ensemble is named after Michael Kahan, a Manchester-based klezmer musician who was tragically killed a few years ago in random street attack. In June 2011, members of the 2011-12 ensemble (see photo below) played at the annual fund-raising event for the musical education of Michael’s children.

Klezmorim 2012-13IMG_1325

Victoria ‘Tori’ Brandwood (flute); Philippa ‘Pippa’ Goodall (fiddle); Isata ‘Isa’ Jaward (flute); Jemima Kingsland (flute);DanielĀ ‘Dan’ Mawson (clarinet); Sara Morris (clarinet); Lucie Phillips (bass, piano); George Turner (trombone); Elinor ‘Ellie’ Sherwood (clarinet); Harriet Wells (clarinet).
  • December 12th 2012, ‘Gathering of the Klezmorim 4′ Chanukah gig at the Manchester Jewish Museum, supporting the Manchester Simcha Quartet;
  • [watch this space for gigs in 2013 including more information on the following provisionally booked dates - March 12th Deaf Institute; March 20th Music Dept assessed performance]

Klezmorim 2011-12

George Boomsma (guitar, vocal); John Bungay (fiddle); Victoria Caine (clarinet); Josh Daws (accordeon); Emily Clark (double bass); Berdel Gulsen (clarinet); Sara Howell (flute, piccolo); Samantha Marine (flute); ‘Iris’ Su Yeh (cello); Phoebe (piano, cajon)
  • 9th June 2012, ‘Gathering of the Klezmorim 3′, at Inspire (Levenshulme) – supported by Hard Times Kapelye, and supporting Yiddle Sticks ;
  • 16th March 2012, ‘Gathering of the Klezmorim 2′, at Inspire (Levenshulme) – supported by Hard Times Kapelye, and supporting Deli Babies;
  • 11th November 2011, ‘Gathering of the Klezmorim’,at Inspire (Levenshulme) – supported by Hard Times Kapelye, and supporting the Manchester Simcha Quartet.
  1. I maintain klezmerguide.com (a comprehensive index to klezmer tune titles, recordings, and sheet music sources), and am interested in hosting the files that formerly resided at http://www.manchesterklezmer.org – i am seeking contact information regarding the latter resource. Please contact me (allen@lutins.org) if you can assist me. Thanks!

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