Update: NO Dance Session in Chorlton (Manchester) 21st Oct

NO Dance Session in Chorlton on Sunday, 21st OCTOBER.

Get yourselves to London for ‘The Klezmatics’ Concert, instead!

Unfortunately I can do neither!  I’m away with Adrian on his school’s
exchange to Augsberg (agreed last spring! drat it!).  I’ll enjoy being
there, but I wouldn’t willing miss such a concert!

Encourage any London based friends to the concert, even if it is far too
far for you, they won’t be bored or disappointed!

Also ~ do consider joining the JMI Mailing List, if you live South of us
in the North-west, so that you get to hear of events farther south!

PS  Next Klezmer Dance Session in Chorlton, Manchester,  Sunday 
afternoon, 18th NOVEMBER!  See you there!