KlezNorth 2013 – A Weekend of Klezmer in the Peak District (1-3 March, 2013)

A Weekend of Klezmer in the Peak District!
with Deborah Strauss and Vivi Lachs, Paul Tkachenko & Rachel Weston

When: Fri 1st, Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd March 2013
Where: The Village Hall, Youlgrave, Derbyshire in association with the Jewish Music Institute, London.

Over the last three years KlezNorth has been a wonderful success ~ thanks to everyone’s amazing efforts and enthusiasm!

The weekend will contain a variety of instrumental workshops, talks,Yiddish song workshops, dance sessions and dance workshops, jam sessions, films and good food.

Deborah Strauss will lead the main instrumental Klezmer workshops and the Groyse Orkester ~ a musical celebration bringing everybody together: singers, dancers and instrumentalists. Paul Tkachenko, with us for the first time, will focus on the klezmer rhythms and on klezmer bass line accompaniments. Vivi Lachs and Rachel Weston will lead the Yiddish Song, whilst Vivi and Judith will teach Klezmer Dance. Vivi will use Yiddish song to give a glimpse into the rich and vibrant past of London’s East End. Deborah, Vivi and Rachel will be supported by Phil Tomlinson, Judith Plowman, Sue Cooper, Simon Carlyle, Adrian Dobson, Andrew Gardiner and other Northern Klezmorim.

Deborah Strauss, is a world class US Klezmer fiddler, from New York ~ www.klezmerduo.com/  Currently she is working in Germany with ‘Tickle
in the Heart’ ~ www.fidlroyz.com/  She is a gentle, elegant and inspiring teacher, strongly committed to building an international
klezmer community. Vivi Lachs, our UK researcher into Yiddish songs from London’s East End at the end of the nineteenth century, is also singer and dance leader with ‘Klezmer Klub’ ~ www.klezmerklub.co.uk/ Rachel Weston, is an inspiring singer with a fresh approach, and a deep connection to the spirit of Yiddish song, who teaches Klezmer at SOAS, London University. Paul Tkachenko, multi-instrumentalist, who plays tuba and bass, as well as playing accordion and singing with ‘She’koyokh’ ~ www.tkachenko.co.uk/

ACCOMMODATION:  We keep the basic cost of the weekend to a minimum, and thus complement that minimum with the option of ‘Indoor Camping’on the floors of the Village Hall.  Indoor Camping is merely ‘a space to sleep at night, a space to store bed rolls during the day, and a breakfast’. You would need to bring a sleeping bag, pillow and karrimat. The Hall is a pleasant, airy yet well-heated, modern
building with showers. We use other venues within the village for workshops, so that the Social Room is not used for workshops. However, for those who need a retreat space and/or more comfort, there are a variety of B & B’s as well as the three Pubs in Youlgreave. There are also many holiday cottages in the village which can be rented for the weekend. The internet is a good source of information about these. Try the Village website.  Finally, for the hardy, there is a very cheap camp-site at Church Farm, Conkesbury Lane, in the middle of the Village. NB.  Meadow Cottage (B & B) and the Youth Hostel are already fully Booked for our weekend!!

FOOD:  All food will be Vegetarian.
Included in the Weekend Tickets are the lunches on Saturday and Sunday, the Saturday Evening Celebration Meal (three course, Jewish, and home
cooked ~ courtesy of Judy Sherwood!), as well as drinks and biscuits during the weekend. If you will be eating with us on Friday evening, we ask you to bring a Vegetarian Dish to share (re-heating is not an option). You may also choose to bring your own alcohol for the weekend, and any other ‘goodies’ or fruit to share. We will provide a Basic Breakfast for those who opt for ‘Indoor Camping’ in the Village Hall.

To keep the Weekend running smoothly, to keep the basic cost down to a minimum, and to give the greatest amount of your time to all things Klezmer we operate a Rota of Help. Each year we adjust the system, and I hope, refine it. Last year though much worked well, there were a few glitches. This year, to cover the fact that the dishwasher actually does not do the whole job, we are hoping for *two reliable people* to come on *Free Places* to do extra washing up/drying up on Saturday ~ See note below in ‘Tickets’.  We also need *two or three vigorous* people at the very start and also at the end to help to move tables and chairs, and boxes.

This year there is an online Rota of Help Selection form. You will do just ONE chore on the Rota, but I would be grateful if you selected three in descending order of preference (So that if your favoured slot is already taken, I can quickly put you into you next favourite)

TRANSPORT: The Post Code for The Village Hall is DE45 1UT Public Transport (and it is possible!) there is a useful website ‘My Journey Planner’.
info/web2/journeyplanning/JourneyPlannerInput.aspx?DoorToDoor=true It allows you to use a mixture of transport modes, and includes distance and time taken to walk between connections etc.

Buses: Buses Youlgrave/Bakewell run approximately every hour between 8.30am and 5.30pm (Hulleys 170 or 171). Bus timetables at www.derbyshire.gov.
uk/buses. Buses from Sheffield to Bakewell (South Yorkshire Transport ~ no 240). Buses from Manchester to Derby/Nottingham (Trent Buses ~ ‘Transpeak’). Information about all UK buses: www.traveline.org.uk/ (click East Midlands on map, then ‘Route Timetables’,) or www.gobycoach.com for National Express information.

Trains: Information about all UK trains is available at
www.nationalrail.co.uk/ or www.thetrainline.com.

Rail stations
Chesterfield Station ~ is on the London to Sheffield line.
Buxton Station ~ trains from Manchester terminate at Buxton.
Matlock Station ~ trains from Derby and the South terminate at

*COST:* (same as last year!)
There are two types of Weekend Ticket:
£45 ~ Weekend Ticket ~ with Own Accommodation ~ for those organising their own accommodation or daily travelling. This covers: the workshops, the Saturday evening meal, Saturday and Sunday lunches, daytime drinks and refreshments and the venue rental.

£55 ~ Weekend Ticket ~ with ‘Indoor Camping’ ~ for those opting to sleep at the Village Hall. This covers: the workshops, the Saturday evening meal, Saturday and Sunday lunches, daytime drinks and
refreshments and the venue rental; AND Indoor Camping with 2 Breakfasts.

Of course, for simplicity’s sake, we would be very grateful if you just opted for one of the two Weekend Tickets. However, we have also created some additional tickets types for those of you with different needs or constraints: ~
£8 ~ Friday Evening
£25 ~ Saturday Daytime
£35 ~ Saturday ~ Day and Evening, and INCLUDES the Evening Meal.
£15 ~ Saturday Evening, and INCLUDES the Evening Meal
£8~ Saturday Evening ~ NO Evening Meal (ie. just the Klezmer Keilidh!)
£10 ~ Sunday morning
Combine these tickets to achieve your own personal ticket.
But please, do be very clear on your Booking Form, and when you pay on
arrival, that you have a somewhat ‘individual’ ticket!

Finally, there are TWO FREE weekend places for ‘spouse/partner/reliable offspring’ of a participant in return for
Washing Up! We need *two willing and reliable people* to do two serious stints of *washing-up/drying-up/tidying*. It would probably amount to about *6 hours*, overall ~ after lunch on Saturday, and then again after supper on Saturday evening. Initially, there would be help from the participants on the Rota, but they would only be required to stay for the set period of the Rota, after which they would released to join the workshops, or other activities, etc. So the two free places would to continue until everything was done.

BOOKING: We ask you to book your places ~ on the Website if possible  www.kleznorth.co.uk

(or on the form below to judithplowman@twobroadbeans.co.uk)

Once we have received your booking application, we will email a confirmation, and then nearer the event send you further information about the programme and other details about the weekend.
We will operate a ‘Waiting List’ for any cancellations that occur, so never feel that is ever too late to apply! Please complete the form below / attached.

Finally, please, do pass on or forward this information on to anyone who you feel might just be interested. You never can know for whom it will be the ‘right moment’!

Contact : judithplowman@twobroadbeans.co.uk
Any queries ring Judith or Adrian on 01457 853315