Hard Times Kapelye

The Hard Times Kapelye (HTK) is the klezmer-playing subset of the Hard Times Orkestar (HTO) which plays what might be termed ‘ethno-classical’ compositions by Richard Fay and some traditional pieces (e.g. from the Balkans and Scandinavia).  The HTK also have some wider Balkan influences and play some original compositions too.

Both HTK – and its parent HTO – involve friends, neighbours and colleagues dusting off their underused instruments to enjoy playing music together for occasional fund-raising concerts for charities close to the members’ hearts. At the moment, the line-up is:

  • Mike Beaumont (fidl and percussion),
  • Derek Davies (tenor sax),
  • Richard Fay (horns and trumpet),
  • Simon Ingram (fidl),
  • Bob Shaw (guitar),
  • Colin Watson (clarinet and alto sax)
  • …. with occasional guests from further afield (e.g. in the above picture, Marco Castillo from Chile ).

For more information contact Richard on: frjfay@aol.com and 07906 430 610

For more photos please visit their Flickr Feed


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