Manchester Simcha Quartet

Deli Babies Ros and Mark are joined by John Bone (accordion) and Paul Blakelsey (double bass) to form The Manchester Simcha Quartet. The musicians draw upon their own individual musical influences to create a unique klezmer sound; influenced and informed by traditional style whilst interested in exploring improvisation, composition, loops and samples. The Manchester Simcha Quartet are as at home playing Bar Mitzvahs and Weddings as they are in galleries and arts venues.

They filled the space with joy and wonder and a lively professionalism. I want them to come back and so do audiences”. Royal Exchange Theatre.

” It’s a shame we have no more sons left for you to play at their Bar Mitzvahs!” client

“An excellent contact and contributor… I will sing your praises to anyone who will listen!” Camilla Southall, IWMN

“Manchester Simcha Quartet: The best in the Northwest” Bernard Sanig, Menorah Synagogue



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