Ros Hawley

“ One of the UK’s leading klezmer clarinettists” The Guardian

Ros is a sensitive and respected musician and teacher.

Active in developing Klezmer music education within the UK, she devises and leads workshops for instrumentalisists who are new to Klezmer through to those at conservatoire and advanced level,  teachers and band/ensembles, and teaches clarinet classes on style, ornamentation, repertoire and technique.  She has taught at Klezfest London (2009, 2010), Klezmer Paris (2009) and the annual SOAS World Music Summer School (2011).  Since 2010 Ros has been co-founder and tutor for the Michael Kahan Klezmer Kapelye at the music department of The University of Manchester, where, through working with the ensemble, she pursues her interest in  the  pedagogical study of  world music tuition within the framework of conservatoire learning.

I think everyone is loving the ensemble … to be honest, it is the best part of my week! … You have given us a great opportunity to learn not just a different style of music but a different culture …

Ros  has studied with many of the world’s leading Klezmer clarinettists, including Kurt Bjorling, Merlin Shepherd and Christian David in the USA, Germany and UK.  In 2008 she was supported by the Jewish Music Institute to further formalise her study of Klezmer music and performance through a Masters Degree in Performance at the music department of SOAS, University of London, for which she was awarded distinction.  Her master’s research focused on study of the Meron Klezmer tradition, particularly the work of clarinettist Musa Berlin and  his repertoire,  performed each year at Lag Ba Omer festivities at Meron,  unique within Klezmer because of the range of cultural and musical influences found within it , including Jewish Debka form which incorporates elements of both Jewish and Arabic musical styles.

Ros performs  in  duos , trios  and as a quartet with musicians from the Manchester Simcha Band, and is co-founder of the duo Deli Babies. She explores her specific interest in Meron repertoire in work with the percussionist Guy Schalom and is currently the artistic lead for an annual performance series at the Imperial War Museum North (Manchester UK) as part of their  Holocaust Memorial programme.

I would say it is a great experience to join klezmer ensemble and get to know a different type of music in musical culture … thank you for giving me such a great experience

For information on Ros’s teaching and workshops contact

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